With the rise of online marketing, the number of consumers seeking compensation for mis-sold digital marketing products has recently soared to record levels. Many business owners who strived to stay competitive in the current online marketplace have become victims of dodgy digital marketing practices. Leaving them out of pocket with little to show for their time and efforts. 

It is a known fact that business owners who have been burnt by mis-sold digital marketing are much less likely to entrust another company with their digital marketing in the future. Not only are business owners left out of pocket but they may also suffer long term damage to their business. With that said, here is how to identify a digital mis-sell. 

You Were Told You Needed To Purchase Additional Products 

Marketing plans may be amended according to your business’ needs but if you were pressured into purchasing additional products there’s cause for concern. Many companies will bundle up products without explaining exactly what value you will receive from them. With some of them being completely irrelevant to you and your small business. 

If you didn’t know about the bundles service or found out you weren’t even using one of the services that was in the bundle, it may have been mis-sold to you. For example you may have been paying for ongoing social media marketing but you only wanted and received search engine marketing, it may have been mis-sold. If a mis-sell is ruled in your favour, you should expect a refund of your fees and possible interest on top. 

You Haven’t Met Face To Face

Many times digital marketers draw customers in with a unique selling proposition but end up delivering little to no results. It is very easy for companies to mis-sell products and services to unsuspecting customers online. Having a brick and mortar business and actively meeting you face to face allows you to build trust with the digital marketing company. 

Meeting in person isn’t a necessity of course, especially with the online shift we have experienced in the past year, but it is definitely recommended. If you were unable to meet with the digital marketer face to face you should have received all of the key information about the product that you were purchasing. Before any agreement was finalised you should have received a full copy of the terms and conditions to read through before committing to the digital partnership.

You’ve Been Forcefully Locked Into A Contract

Signing a contract isn’t mis-selling but a company that used considerable force to get you to sign, before you were ready or had time to read through the fine print has the potential to be a mis-sell. This could constitute being unfairly locked into a contract and you may be eligible to claim compensation as well as a refund for the amount you were out of pocket.

There are many ways that you may have been mis-sold by a digital marketing company or sole trader. From forcing you into purchasing products to not having met in person. It is important to be able to identify the different ways in which you may have been mis-sold before taking further action.

With the shift to the online space, there are plenty of people taking advantage of vulnerable business owners. If you think that you may have mis-sold digital marketing products, get in touch with the team at RTR claims today and we will be happy to assist you.

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