With the shift to the online space, digital marketing is becoming more sought after. Whilst digital marketing practices can have an amazing impact on a business, there are some individuals who take advantage of business owners who have entrusted them with their online sales and marketing campaigns. The fact of the matter is that not all digital companies are as honest as you would like. 

In the unfortunate event of a company offering the world and delivering nothing is becoming more common in our digitalised world. When you recruit a digital marketing company you want to be able to trust them. Being mis-sold can have major negative effects on your business so it is important to do something about it. Here is what to look for in a digital mis-sell claims company if you think you have been mis-sold digital products or services. 

Identifying Mis-sold Digital Services

If you think you have fallen victim to a digital marketing scam it is essential to identify and rectify the situation as soon as possible. At RTR Claims we understand that it can be difficult to identify a mis-sell and have included some common ways to identify a digital mis-sell below:

  • You were told you needed to do something or you would be penalised e.g. a fine
  • The sales agent was pushy and made you feel uncomfortable
  • The website build was not as you were told it would be
  • There were hidden fees that you weren’t aware of
  • They recommended an irrelevant product or service 
  • You were guaranteed results and they didn’t provide them

There are many ways that business owners can be mis-sold digital marketing products and services. At RTR Claims we completely understand the position you are in. Our director also lost money due to dishonest individuals. The following are some of the things to look out for when consulting a digital mis-sell claims company, such as RTR Claims.

Genuine Compassion

A company should take the time to sympathise with you. Afterall you have suffered a financial loss as well as the impact on your business, personal life and in some cases your health. Your chosen claims company should do everything in their power to right the wrongs that you have experienced throughout the mis-sell. Their goal is to restore any financial loss you have experienced and help you find the optimum digital marketing agency for you. 

Simple Process

As complicated as the world of digital marketing can be, it is important to find a company that understands digital marketing and can break things down for you in a way which you can understand. Their communication should be open and transparent. It is important to remember that they are on your side and have your best interest in mind to try and achieve the best results.


Prior experience is key when it comes to deciding on a claims management company. For example at RTR Claims our team members have a wide variety of experience in business and various industries including digital marketing and can translate key information to our clients. 

Recruiting a claims management company to assist with your digital mis-sell may prevent having to take any further enforcement action against digital scammers. Their financial services can cut out other timely processes such as a financial ombudsman and high courts. 

There are multiple aspects to look out for when finding a claims management company. These include genuine compassion, a simple process and experience. These key areas will help to achieve the best possible outcome for your claim. 

At RTR Claims our aim is to protect consumers of digital marketing products and services. If you think that you have been mis-sold digital marketing or you have any question regarding making a claim contact our friendly and knowledgeable team of professionals today. When it comes to the claims process your success is our success.

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