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What is a mis-sell?

Mis-sold products and services are something that has been around for far too long. The process of a mis-sell is normally when someone sells something to you in an unfair way for example:

Salesagent: If you pay us $6000.00 for this website you will get loads of new clients!

Mis-sell: Building a website will not help you get sales- it will help you rank better with google IF you do on-page SEO but getting new clients is part of a marketing campaign not building a website. 

Basically, you need a website so that you can market to bring clients to your business, it’s a little like having a shop front. However, building a pretty website is basically like having a glorified business card. 

Let’s look at some Digital Mis-sells:

  • The sales agent was pushy when they were selling you digital services 
  • You were told you were going to get mounds of clients and ended up with 0
  • Your website is still not completed and you have provided everything and it’s been over a year 
  • You were told you needed to do something or you would get a fine, and were not given any real evidence of this 
  • You signed to pay a certain amount per month and then suddenly you were being charged for things that were supposed to be inclusive
  • You were recommended a service that would never have worked for you

Mis-selling can happen for many reasons and it is not always because someone is trying to scam you, so it is important to understand the difference. Sometimes, your campaign just did not work for whatever reason compared to your campaign not being implemented. 

However, mis-selling within digital marketing is very common. It is really important that when you come to buy a service you look the company up properly to ensure they are who they said they are. Just looking at a website is not enough anymore- anyone can build a website. Some key things to look for before you purchase your next digital products:

  1. Social media posts 
  2. Stories on socials 
  3. Youtube videos

Mis-selling is the practice of a company deliberately misleading its customers. It is not just unethical, but it also puts the company in a bad light. The tactic is usually used by companies to encourage customer spending on their products or services.  To avoid being accused of mis-sell companies must be transparent with their practices at all times.

Mis-selling is the new norm, with the growing number of companies offering similar services and with the pandemic crisis many people are looking for cheaper options so that they can still try and progress without burning through their cash flow. The problem with this is cheap rarely means better and unfortunately a lot of the time you get what you pay for. Nearly 100% of the time it is better to ‘invest to progress’. It is also important to check where the marketing company you pick are located, if you want someone local then check they are local and not just by looking at the bottom of the website, remember anything on a website can be planted but it’s rare that a company will maintain videos and story posts and blogs if they are not real- it is also a good thing to call the number and speak to the company. 

With so many things to watch out for it is hard to know who to trust, but just trust in yourself and your ability to research and double and triple check companies that do not look 100% right and even if you do invest some money with them this does not mean you should keep investing if something does not feel right- nowadays you have zoom, and all sorts of contact points so ensure to use them, this will help you a lot.

In the meantime- if you believe you have experienced a mis-sell then get in contact with the company and demand your money back. If you decide that you would prefer an agent to do this for you then we can help as well.

RTR Claims believe in righting the wrongs of other people, just call us superman haha.

We do believe that when a company sells you something, they should do this with integrity and not just to make a quick $. We work on a no win, no fee basis so you only pay if we win. Feel free to contact us HERE

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