• November 24, 2021
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There are many legitimate and reputable digital marketing agencies out there, but unfortunately there are also many people looking to mis-sell you services. 

Whether it’s not disclosing enough information about their product or services, dodgy marketing campaigns, or pushy sales agents, there’s always going to be people looking to take advantage of small businesses. 

Common Digital Mis-sells

To help you avoid future mis-sells, we have compiled a list of the most common types of online marketing mis-sells;

The sales agent is too pushy

People have a job to sell, but they should not relentlessly hound you and force you into signing up for a product 

You were told you would be fined without it 

This is a popular tactic where a company will say you will get fined unless you change some aspect of your website, content or social media etc. You may feel compelled to use their services to avoid this fine, only to find out it was a complete lie. 

You were recommended a service that wouldn’t work for you 

Some companies will recommend services that don’t suit your needs, just so they can get extra money out of you. You shouldn’t be forced into signing up for additional services, and not being told why.

You are being charged for extras that were included in your original contract 

Some companies will try and force you into paying extra money for services that were meant to be included in the original contract that you signed with them. These hidden charges and fees are completely unethical, but they are a common form of mis-selling. 

You didn’t receive the results you were promised 

Results may take time, but the company should be upfront with you about this process, and give you an idea of what to expect through it. If a company is not delivering on what they promised in their contract to you, you should not wait around for it to change. 

It is important that your digital marketing company is being transparent with you about the services they are offering, and the results you should expect. At no point should you feel like you are being forced into signing up for a product or service that you don’t want or need.

What to do if you’ve been mis-sold

For many business owners investing in digital marketing services can take up a decent chunk of their budget. Naturally, you would be hoping to earn that money back with new customers and an increase in your brand’s visibility. 

If your digital marketing company has mis-sold your services, and isn’t delivering on their contract or promise with you, you can try and reclaim your money. 

If they refuse to return your money, the next step is lodging a claim. 

RTR Claims is here to support you through that process. Not everyone has the skills or time to go through a whole claims process, so we do the work for you. We talk to all the relevant parties on your behalf, and help you try and get your money back. 

We work on a No Win – No Fee basis. There are no hidden costs. 

If we are successful we take a 30% commission, and if we are unsuccessful it does not cost you a thing. 

You can get back on the road to recovery and lodge your reclaim here. 

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