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    • Digital Marketing is marketing that uses online digital methods and utilises the internet allowing potential clients to find you using their desktops, laptops, mobile phones. Digital marketing uses different platforms to promote your services and products. 
    • Digital Marketing allows businesses to sell more and sell more often as well as having the ability to sell to different places like Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast etc and overseas such as England, America etc. 
    • Selling online opens up doors for your business, however, in order to do this successfully and utilise the full potential you would need to understand things like website redesigns, website rebuilds as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social media posts, google ads (pay per click), social ads etc. Many businesses do not understand this and therefore they engage a digital marketing agency.


    Unfortunately, not all digital companies are as honest as you would like. From time to time you may come across a company that offers you the world but delivers nothing. We had a client that was told he was going to receive a $10,000.00 fine by google if he did not do something regarding his content! This is madness and not real. They slapped him with a $3,000.00 bill of which he paid as he was bullied into it with this lie.

    When you appoint your digital marketing company you want to be sure they can be trusted but as great as this sounds you would not be reading this if you trusted your digital marketing company. As awful as it is to be mis-sold, don’t sit around and do nothing, many businesses have enough to deal with let alone being scammed out of $1000’s for bad service and products. Having someone mis-represent what they are going to do for you or push you into a service is not how it should be. You use digital marketing to make money not to lose money and this type of marketing especially on ads should bring you 3X your money back.

    You should not have heard excuses to why your campaign is not working after months.

    You should not have a half-completed website that is not even optimised and does not work properly on all devices.

    You should not be told you need something that does not even nearly sound right to you especially with no real explanation.

    Your digital experience should be a good one for you and your business, although results do not always happen overnight you should know what is going on and understand the process. Your digital marketing agency should be in contact with you to explain what everything means and should not promise you massive results and then not deliver them. Your website should be strong and like a sales funnel and should have on-page SEO as doing marketing to a website without this is just a waste of money.

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      The short answer is, YES, there are numerous options to claim your money back and even a bit of compensation for the distress caused. If you feel you have fallen victim to a digital mis-sell then you should get in contact. Some examples of digital marketing agencies mis-selling you.

      You were told you needed to do something or you would get a fine or alike

      The sales agent you spoke to was very pushy and made you uncomfortable and that is why you signed up with them

      The website build you had was not as you were told it would be.

      You experienced hidden fees even though you were not informed of this.

      They recommended a service that would not even benefit you.

      You were promised results but have received nothing

      If you think you may be eligible to claim your money back for a Digital Mis-sell get in contact today.

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        The aim of helping you claim back your digital fees is to get back the money you paid your digital marketing agency.

        We will work hard to get back what you paid them and some compensation. It is a horrible situation to be in when you put your trust in someone and they do not deliver what they said they would.

        But it is important to remember not every digital marketing agency is like this .

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          Why Work With Us?

          • RTR Claims believe in righting the wrongs of other people, just call us superman haha.
          • We do believe that when a company sells you something, they should do this with integrity and not just to make a quick $.
          • We believe in doing the right thing for you and your business. We have been in business for over 15 years in various industries so the directors of RTR understand that cash flow is king. When you use your money to try and improve the business and just end up losing it due to somebody lying to you it can make you lose faith and hope in the industry and in mankind. The digital marketing industry has a bad reputation because of these people and that is not fair on other companies in this space who do the right thing.
          • At RTR we keep the lines of communication open, we cannot guarantee to get your money back BUT we can guarantee to work every single angle to try. We operate around the world including Australia, England, and America.
          • We understand the digital jargon so you do not get lost in translation and we will even take a look at other digital companies you want to use BEFORE you use them and this is a free service for you.
          • We will navigate you through the digital world and help you try and get back what is rightfully yours. We have studied the industry and are here to help you.
          • We have sat in your shoes and have lost money due to dishonest people. The director used to work in claims management helping people claim compensation for mis-sells in insurance, shares, pensions (superannuation), section 75 claims etc.
          • We work on a no win- no fee basis and there are no hidden costs, we work to get your money back and compensation, if we are successful we take 30% if we are not it does not cost you a thing and you will still get the help you need with your next digital marketing company.
          So why work with us? because we know where you are right now.
          You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

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            Want to know if you can get your money back and claim compensation?
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            How does having a badly built website affect you?

            A website should not just be made to be pretty; it should be built to convert, your website should not have numerous errors on it after a new build, it should be well optimised, and mobile friendly.The website should be built as a sales funnel so that you convert it easily. Were you told your website was going to get you loads of conversions if you build it?

            SEO will bring you instant and great results

            SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will not bring you instant results and can take over 12 months to start working, normally if you are looking for instant results this is not a great option for you. Especially if you are cashflow poor, SEO is great to do however, you should really understand how this works. Were you told you were going to get quick results from this? Have you been with this agency for months and received nothing?

            Paying for Ads

            Paying for google ads or social ads can get you great results if done properly, however, if done incorrectly you may as well take your money and through it down the drain. Not all companies will use both of these platforms for ads and there are loads of other platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn etc. However, google and Facebook/insta are the most popular, depending on your industry using both these platforms could be a complete waste of money, for example if you are a pizzeria you would probably be better using google ads, this is because when someone wants a pizza they are going to search for you and therefore not as many people would type into Facebook search pizzeria they would more likely search google for this. Were you told to do both of these ads? Have you been with this company for months and basically received nothing?


            Some companies will advertise unlimited revisions or all inclusive service and then charge you to change or fix something. Some companies may bully you into using them or taking on an additional service you do not want. Some companies will lie to you about services you need. Some companies will not do what they promise and then start adding on additional pricing or tell you when they are done this was all that was included. Many companies will tell you something works great like your website when it really does not ETC ETC the list is endless so if you are unsure get in contact.


            Learn More Mis-Sells With Our Newsletter

              WHY WORK WITH US?

              RTR Claims understands where you are! The director also lost money due to dishonest people. We specialise in winning and deal with claims like this all day everyday and we work on a no win- no fee basis.

            • We sympathise with you, as a result of trusting a professional advisor you suffered a financial loss as well as the devastating impact this had on your business and your personal life and in some cases your health. 

            • We will do everything we can to right the wrongs you have experienced and we will assist you in restoring your financial loss and help you find the right digital agency for you. 

            • We will not overcomplicate the process, we keep all lines of communication open and transparent and guarantee you that we are on your side and will work tirelessly to try and achieve a positive outcome. 

            • We know the digital world can be confusing especially when you have experts trying to blind you with science, but we speak both languages and we will make the process easy and simple for you.

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                  We cannot guarantee to get back your money or any compensation we will work hard to do so. We work on a no win no fee basis, upon successful claims where money is achieved we take 30%. All information we receive will be kept confidential and no information will be sold to 3rd parties.

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